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Vegan diets and portion control can lead to weight loss – nwitimes.com

Nwitimes.comVegan diets and portion control can lead to weight lossnwitimes.comAs with any diet, vegan diets can help with weight loss if you watch and measure portions and balance out your plate, experts say. However, if you choose to have a diet rid of animal products, there are certain things to keep in mind. "With vegan diets …

The return of Stalinist North Korea, and we're lost (The commentator)

Like the Lilliputians, North Korea will continue to tie down the world’s Gulliver. Both, in their own way, are status quo powers. The longer Washington waits for the Kim regime to collapse under its own weight, the more dangerous Northeast Asia becomes. Watch this space.

Lat pulldowns 400 lbs for 2 reps