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To reach your goals, try not to be too positive – Chicago Daily Herald

Chicago Daily HeraldTo reach your goals, try not to be too positiveChicago Daily HeraldThe program, which can be used online or via smartphone apps, integrates with and automatically uploads data from more than a dozen apps and devices, including such fitness trackers as FitBit, Up and RunKeeper. Mirabai Knight, a 33-year-old …and more »

How Dating Myself Led to Happiness After Divorce (lilsugar?format=xml)

One of the truest clich├ęs when it comes to love is: "You can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself first."
People used to say this to me all the time, and I always rolled my eyeballs in response. Until I realized that those people were indeed right.
In my life when I have felt the worst, I have often ended up across a table or in the arms of someone who didn't really love me – or himself most of the times. And then when I found someone who loved me and it started to fall apart, I felt like a failure. When we finally separated, I felt very vulnerable. I couldn't imagine getting hurt again, but I wanted to date and have fun. Thankfully, I wised up after a few bizarre online dating bouts because I wasn't ready and needed to get to know myself after marriage – the postdivorce Laura. I took time to "fall in love" and "date myself," and the end result is happiness.
What does it take to date yourself? The same _ingredients_ it takes to date another person: develop a physical connection, learn about each other …

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