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Justin's Cookie Dough Almond Butter – POPSUGAR

POPSUGARJustin's Cookie Dough Almond ButterPOPSUGARJohn Mayer had the bright idea of tweeting to Justin's nut butters requesting that the company consider making a cookie dough almond butter . . . And amazingly, it delivered! Justin's developed a craft jar of vegan chocolate chip cookie dough chunks …and more »

5 Favorite Kid-Friendly Attractions in Paris (Paris Logue)

Paris is undeniably a city that adults love to visit. But the Parisians themselves have children, right? And countless travelers with kids visit every year. So I asked my friend Mara Gorman to put together a list of her favorite places to go in Paris with her kids. As it turns out, Paris is kid-friendly, […]

Master Chef Reject Episode 2

Wild Fox hunting for News in the Fire Forest