the beck diet solution

The Beck Diet Solution by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.–Audiobook Excerpt

The Beck Diet Solution – A Weight Loss Program That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

The Beck Diet Solution covers a comprehensive program of 6-weeks where your mental ability will be opened and your attitude about dieting will be changed. Dr. Judith Beck, daughter of Dr. Aaron Beck, the founder of Cognitive Therapy, uses this approach to motivate dieters to be true to the program and stop taking their diet for granted. They are also encouraged to stop overeating and avoid eating sprees. Proper nutrition and exercise are integral parts of the plan.

To successfully implement the solution, 5 stages are involved in the complete Beck Diet program:

Stage 1 – Develop successful skills in altering your food habit and acquire the proper attitude about the food you eat;

Stage 2 – Make an initial plan of your eating strategy, which encourages you to think thin by changing your old patterns of thinking;

Stage 3 – Anticipate your action on challenging eating situations beyond your control like when you are traveling, dining out, attending parties and feeling stressed;

Stage 4 – Be flexible in successfully adopting your think thin life time eating plan to achieve your goal; and.

Stage 5 – Impart the skills required to face those challenges in life and how to handle situations when you feel discouraged in the hindrances you encountered in achieving your goal.

No specific food and nutrition guide has been given and there is no need to count calories; what is emphasized are your right attitude and behavior on the food you eat and to understand your reactions towards your diet.

Cognitive Therapy has been successfully implemented even among those who did not use this program. It made dieters understand their defeating attitudes, why they cannot follow their regimen faithfully, and why they cheat on their diet.

This plan received good reviews; the benefits of integrating the psychological and nutritional components and positive changes in the dieters' behavior are among its positive points.

By inspiring weight watchers to think thin, they will be able to maintain their ideal weight and prevent those extra pounds from hounding them again.

the beck diet solution

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