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Arena's Belviq Hits New High Prescription Mark, But Needs Similar Future …Seeking Alpha (registration)Belviq set a weekly total prescription (TRx) record, according to Symphony. TRx for week ending February 6 is 6.6% higher than the previous mark. Positive growth is crucial during the first half of the year, which historically has been conducive to …and more »

Jennifer Aniston: 'Almost Just As Good To Be Number One Snubbed Than To Be Nominated' (aolmusicnewsblog)

It would be naïve to assume that as a top celebrity in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston could get any role she wanted. But the actress revealed Friday that she was drawn to play a mourning addict in the upcoming film “Cake” because she had her own doubts about herself. “I needed to do it so I could prove to myself that I was able to do it. So I wasn’t sitting there frustrated that I wasn’t getting certain parts because they knew something I didn’t know — which was that I couldn’t do it,” Aniston told The Huffington Post Friday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Seated on a couch in a hotel suite at the Four Seasons, settled near the sunlight and in the path of a warm California breeze, it’s clear that Aniston is a pro. She has tirelessly promoted “Cake” ever since it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in the fall (she is also an executive producer), attending as many screenings and Q&As as possible with the hopes of ushering the film into the Oscar race. It worked, until it didn't: Aniston's performance was overlooked when this year's nominations were announced on Thursday.

After …

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