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Working It Out: I Lost 54 Pounds In 5 Months – Madame Noire

Madame NoireWorking It Out: I Lost 54 Pounds In 5 MonthsMadame NoireThat move was just one of several motivational moments that's happened over the past few weeks (and months even) as I realize people aren't watching me in the gym because they find my struggle amusing. … So, I posted these progress pictures here to …

The Best Workout to Avoid Gaining Weight (fitsugar)

The experts at Shape share the perfect workout to keep the pounds off._
If you tolerate the gym only because you are _thisclose_ to ditching those last 10 pounds, you're probably counting the ounces until you reach your goal weight and can say sayonara to sprints and squats. But maintaining your weight will take more than just attention to your diet: Women who continued to exercise after losing weight had better chances of keeping the pounds off than those who just stuck to their healthy eating plan, finds a new study in **Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise**.
To lose weight, experts agree that you have to take in fewer calories than you burn, and a lot of research suggests that adjusting your diet is more effective than burning the calories off. In fact, simply focusing on what goes into your mouth can be more beneficial than the hours you log at the gym, according to a study in **Psychological Science**, probably because eating too much of the wrong foods will cancel out any workout. (Try one of these 10 Unbelievable Diet Rules Backed by Science.)
But once you reach that goal weight, you're …

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