Natural Ways to Lose Weight

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Find out 7 ways to naturally lower your blood pressureWilkes Barre Times-LeaderRemember the cartoons where someone gets upset and they start to turn red from their feet up to the top of their head, their ears start to steam and then their head blows up? Funny when you're a kid in Bayonne, New Jersey watching the Road Runner …and more »

Coffee for Weight Loss: What It Contains And How Effective It Is (IB Times)

For many years, people have been relying on coffee to lose weight and have actually garnered very good results it. There are certain effects from coffee that will help you get rid of extra pounds. Some of the components are the same ones used in fat-burning pills and dietary powders made by commercial companies.
Some of the contents of coffee makes it so effective for weight loss. Caffeine is the primary component in coffee. It is known to cause a variety of effects that will lead you to successfully shed off the pounds.
**1. Appetite suppression**