Meal Plan to Lose Weight

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Good Meal Plan To Lose Weight – Let Me Share My Rough And Personal Meal Plan With You

Are you looking for a good meal plan to lose weight? Want to know how I eat? I've mentioned many times about only eating when you're hungry. Well here's how I do it. Mine is NOT the only way, just one of many different ways to do it.

Big Breakfast.

I start with a fairly big breakfast. You see, I don't "get going" if you see what I mean, until I've had enough food first.

So I start with some brown or wholewheat bread. I really like the stuff with seeds on it because seeds are really good for you (usually contain essential fatty acids) and they taste nice too. I put dark chocolate spread on my bread.

I might eat about 4 slices or so. I'll have a cup of tea (no milk or sugar – I got used to it) too and maybe a glass of orange juice. Sometimes I'll have up to 3 cups of tea but I don't recommend drinking too much caffeine like this.

Sometimes I'll even eat some leftover potato chips from the day before!


This breakfast keeps me going for a long time. Don't eat at 12pm or 1pm out of habit. If you've eaten as big as I do in the mornings then you won't be hungry till much later.

If you think you feel hungry at 12pm then think again – is that really hunger and how much of it do you have? No way you can feel starving if you've eaten earlier in large amounts.

So in mid-afternoon I will get something light. I confess, sometimes it is something like potato chips. Other times I will buy a nice bread roll and some prawns and make my own prawn sandwich. No need for dressing, I want to taste those flavours of the sea. That's why they call seafood "fruits of the sea" in Spanish.


I normally eat around 7pm in the evenings. Ignore the dumb health journalists who tell you "never eat after 8pm". I often eat at 9pm or 10pm with no problem.

This is the time of day when I will have a nice cooked meal. I don't go large though. If you think of how much a restaurant would serve you (they rarely give small portions) then I eat about half that. I save the rest of the food for tomorrow.

Think about it: a big breakfast and a normal sized lunch – there is not much room left is there? There is enough room left for a not too big evening meal but forget about going large on your last meal of the day. That will just be stuffing your face and you know that is too much food for any person to eat if they want to be healthy.

Not The Only Way.

Don't forget, this is just my way right now. In 6 months time, I might eat differently. Mine is only a suggestion.

What matters most is that you only eat when you are hungry and you never get yourself to feel "stuffed" because that is a recipe for mega fat gain disaster.

If you follow this rule then it does not matter if you eat one, three or five meals a day. You will lose weight and then maintain your new look and not gain it all back again.

Meal Plan to Lose Weight

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