Meal Plan to Gain Weight

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Do You Need to Gain Weight?

I personally became interested in weight gain after losing a bunch of weight as the result of an illness.

Simply eating more wasn't working for me. I set out to discover how to gain weight healthily. I admit that I am somewhat on the lazy side when it comes to exercise. Becoming a body builder was not in my future.

Simply put, weight gain is an increase in body weight. Looking at it like this causes one to assume that a increase in the trips to the kitchen pantry should do the trick. This may work if you are only looking to increase body fat, but what you should want is to gain weight that is attractive muscle mass. Weight gain that is more fat than muscle is not healthy for you. Care must be taken to
make sure that the weight gained is useful and safely obtained.

As a first step to gaining weight I felt that I needed a plan. Most importantly I need a plan that included healthy meal planning. My research lead me to believe that to gain weight,
it was necessary to increase the calories that I eat. Foods that promote muscle has a good balance of protein, good carbohydrates and good fats. The body need all of these things as fuel for building muscle.

It is not easy to alter your body's composition. Many people believe that the best and easiest way to accomplish this is by using supplements. Obviously, it has work for many people, but
I would not recommend the use of supplements because of the question of safety. As I mentioned above, you need to start out with a plan. If you are able to design your own plan, great! I
chose to follow a plan of someone who has been there before me. To begin with, my energy level is no where close to what it was. As I mentioned earlier, my weight loss was cause by an illness.
But because of the decrease in energy, my concern was both with the illness and the aging process. I was concerned that I was also experiencing a loss in testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone
responsible for male characteristic features, vigor, sexual potency and performance. A decrease in testosterone has been proven to reduce muscle and lean tissue, and to reduce energy.

With all the emphasis on weight loss, you may not believe it, but there are many resources on the web for weight gain. My only recommendation is that you follow someone who had actually gone
through the process.

Herman Wheeler.

Meal Plan to Gain Weight

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