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Guilt-free king cake and king cake swap-outsNOLA.comAnd king cake options go way beyond just cake, with a variety of lower-calorie, lower-carb alternatives that can satisfy a king cake hankering without wrecking your health or your waistline by the time Ash Wednesday arrives. If you just indulge …

6 Signs Your Diet Needs a Major Makeover (fitsugar)

With the New Year fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about what your resolution will be for 2015. If these six signs your diet needs a makeover (courtesy of our friends at Shape) seem familiar, you may want to work on improving your diet in the New Year._
Bad diets are like bad breath: You don't always realize when yours is gross (but here are 11 "Bad-for-You" Foods That You Should Add Back to Your Shopping List!). Dozens of studies and national polls have found people to be poor judges when it comes to their own diets-in fact, almost everyone thinks they're eating pretty well (or at least better than the average person), even if they're most definitely not, suggests one big survey from the International Food Information Council Foundation.
So, there's a pretty good chance your own health compass might be busted. Here are six signs-besides an expanding waistline-that you need to make some changes.
## 1. Your Hair Is Whack
From iron deficiencies to too little protein or plant polyphenols, problems with your diet tend to show up in your hair, concludes one UK study. If your mane feels brittle, seems to be growing …

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