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Low-carb diet can cause digestive problems: experts – The Express Tribune

The Express TribuneLow-carb diet can cause digestive problems: expertsThe Express TribuneLOS ANGELES: Low-carb diets may be used as a weight loss tool by some people, but nutritionists warn that they may be contributing to a reduction in fibre intake and, thus, helping in setting up health problems instead. According to the latest National …

From Kings To Grannies: These Vine Stars Are Starting The New Year In The Top 10 (readwriteweb)

Vine, the social media platform for creating and sharing short video loops, is one of the hottest growing social media trends right now. Here's a look at the top 10 Viners from the last 30 days based on new followers. Which up-and- coming Vine stars continue to grown in popularity in 2015, and whose careers will fizzle and burn before the year is out? We've got a few ideas.
## No 1: King Of The Hill
At the top of the heap this month we have KingBach coming in with 624,567 new followers. Arguably best known for his infamous #ButThatBackFlipTho Vine, KingBach brings us comedic stylings with a street sensibility that even Grandma can enjoy … If she's OK with occasional cursing.
## No. 2: School Is Hard
No. 2 on our list is Lele Pons with 488,666 new followers. LeLe brings us a lot of slapstick comedy, and with it, the relief that high school (for some of us), is over and we never ever have to go back. Ever.
## No. 3: Hey Piano Man
Rudy Mancuso comes to us at No. 3 with 450,714 new followers. Rudy may clown around frequently with …

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