Gluten Free Diets That Work

Gluten-Free Diets on the Rise, and Contraception Works

Gluten Free Diets, What You Should Know

I am writing this article and as a farmers grandson, I have always had a passion for good nutrition. Although, fresh fruits and veggies, was always a treat. My grandfather also had cattle, pigs and chickens butchered. Now, the taste of food was real good. And while on the farm, it was a lot of hard work and you did not have to go to the local health clubs, you went to the fields. Now, I was about 9 years old when he died, and basically at that point, we had to rely on getting food from the local farmer called Kroger grocery store.

On a gluten free diet, you stay away from the grains. You can eat proteins, you can eat beans, seeds and unprocessed nuts, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and most dairy products. I have been drinking gluten free protein shakes which are based out of soy. When I think about it and in regards to weight loss, you have to reflect back to when I grew up on a farm. Who wanted a skinny cow? Do you want small chickens? Now, what does a farmer feed the animals to fatten them up? A lot of corn, and grains are added to the diets. Now, most animals we eat, are not very active animals and they eat all the time. If they were, they would be tough and we would not want to eat it. So do you want to be a fattened animal or is your health more important?

Just because you select to eat the right foods, often they can be cross contaminated with gluten products. You must look for labels that say they are gluten free, and if in doubt, they probably have gluten content.

If you are on a gluten free diet, you must make sure you are getting the vitamins they you require as well. Supplementing your diet becomes very important, but you have to even watch supplements that are not gluten free. You must real labels and you must insure you are getting the daily allowances.

Generally, the reason for a gluten free diet is if you have celiac disease. Now, if you get gluten contaminated foods, you may notice pains in your side as well as a bout of diarrhea. Celiac disease is a disease that affects the lining in the small intestines and affect the absorbing of the good things that food provides.

Gluten Free Diets That Work

Gluten Free Diets That Work