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How to Manage Your Grain Free Dinners

Living a grain free diet can be a bit difficult if your family does not wish to participate. So how do you take care of yourself and not feel deprived when they eat grains in front of you? How do you keep the kitchen stocked and meals prepared? There are many different ways, but the following is one method we have started to do in our family.

We drew up a blank schedule for a month worth of dinners and sat down to fill it in.

We decided that Friday would always be Pizza Night.

We could pick up two hot pizzas for five bucks each. This will feed hubby and the kids. We also pick up a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store for about five bucks as well. The chicken is for me and if anyone wants a piece, I might let them have it. The chicken is always hot and juicy and I like it, so I don't feel like I'm missing out. Besides, if I really can't stand the smell of the pizza, occasionally I will grab a piece, eat the topping, and leave the crust. That satisfies the pizza craving for me.

Monday night is Carb Night.

We fix spaghetti or lasagna, mac and cheese and hot dogs or whatever is kid-yummy and relatively cheap. We pick up a rotisserie chicken that night for me as well.

Tuesdays are Crock Pot Night.

We toss in a hunk of meat and veggies in the morning and get to smell dinner all day, which is enormously comforting. I love having dinner taken care of in before noon!

Wednesdays are Soup Nights.

We make Chili, Chicken Veggie Soup, Beef Stew or whatever kind of soup sounds good and has no noodles or grains. We triple the recipe for our family of five, so we usually have enough left over for an awesome lunch the next day.

Saturday, Sunday and Thursday.

These nights are all very similar: meat and two veggies or meat, a veggie and a salad.

For example, we pick up pork tenderloin at Sam's Club for under three bucks a pound. And we really like the Veggie Steamers that you can find in the refrigerated section of many grocery stores. The green beans are great and the broccoli is awesome. So we grill the pork and microwave the veggies right in their bags. Now microwaving a vegetable in a bag is not as healthy as steaming it on the stove, but for us, in our busy lifestyle, simplicity is king. I'd rather have the kids eating fresh broccoli from the bag than none at all.

We spend a couple hours at the beginning of the month to stock up on the meats and carb meals, so then weekly we only have to pick up a few perishables. It saves a lot of time and we also know what we are going to have for dinner the next day, which is crucial to staying on a grain free diet.

Another benefit of this type of menu is that the kids are only eating grains for dinner twice a week, which is an awesome way to ease them into this lifestyle. They don't feel deprived, and neither do I. It works for us. I hope it will work for you too.