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Shape up in 2015! Weight Watcher's launch Low Carb New Year diet plan – up in 2015! Weight Watcher's launch Low Carb New Year diet Saturday we introduced Lose Weight Your Way, the most flexible diet plan ever. This revolutionary approach, based on Weight Watchers' tried and trusted ProPoints plan, not only puts you in control of what you eat but allows you to try some of the …

Bend These Weight-Loss Rules and Still Drop Pounds (fitsugar)

If you love to eat, losing weight can seem so structured – you immediately get frustrated and grab the first decadent food you can find. Even though there are some very specific guidelines that can help you reach your goal faster, there's no one-size-fits-all weight-loss plan for everyone. Here are five rules you can bend and still drop pounds from the scale.
## Rule #1: No Cupcakes, Wine, or French Fries
While dessert, alcohol, and fried foods tend to be high in calories, just because you want to lose weight doesn't mean you have to live without the foods you adore. Actually, denying yourself the bites you crave can backfire, causing you to feel deprived, resulting in bingeing. You can't eat these foods all the time, but it's perfectly healthy to enjoy a few spoonfuls of ice cream or a small glass of Chardonnay every once in a while. Just tone down your portion sizes and only indulge about once a week.
## Rule #2: Salad, Every Day
Salads aren't for everyone, and the dissatisfied feeling you get afterward could cause you to head to the nearest pizza joint. Plus, salad toppings can really add up. …

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