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Chefs let food lovers into the kitchen for Restaurant Week – Santa Fe New

Santa Fe New Mexican.comChefs let food lovers into the kitchen for Restaurant WeekSanta Fe New Mexican.comRestaurant Week is upon us, and many of you are already strategizing your week of eating, establishment by establishment, cuisine by cuisine, because you are little piggies and don't like to cook. But Restaurant Week isn't just about eating at …and more »

January Cleanses & Detoxes (101 Cookbooks)

I find myself in the midst of strangers a lot, _a lot_ – crammed onto buses, in line at a cafes, grabbing lunch at favorite spots, grocery shopping – and I can't tell you how many conversations I've overheard in the past week related to cleanses, detoxes, and diets. An unusually high number, even for January – month of fresh starts, clean slates, and focused intentions. And there seem to be two veins of conversation – the individuals excited about cleansing or fasting, and the debunkers (link, link). My immediate reaction is that you don't really need to be in one camp or the other. There might be something to inspire you in one of those programs, even if you're not going to get onboard entirely. It could be a single recipe you come to love, or a mantra you embrace. I like to look at lots of different cleanses and detoxes, because there tend to be so many positive aspects to them – I'm talking about the ones based in real, whole foods (versus supplements & powders). The menus and recipes often emphasize the power and promise of good, diverse, plant-centric ingredients, mindfully …