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St. James School 5th Graders Set Sail for the New World – Hartford Courant

Hartford CourantSt. James School 5th Graders Set Sail for the New WorldHartford CourantThis included food, water, blankets, pillows, and period-appropriate entertainment. Since all items brought to the "ship" had to coincide with items available in the early 1600s … As the school day came to a close, "land" was sighted and preparations …

Global Food Policy Expert and Documentary Filmmaker Raj Patel Joins LBJ School Faculty (UT)

Dr. Raj Patel, global food policy expert and award-wining writer, has been appointed Research Professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Patel will be engaged in a combination of teaching, researching, and filmmaking. Patel, formerly a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Center for African Studies, will teach graduate courses on food policy at the LBJ School as well as select undergraduate courses across campus.
Patel, who is currently working with award-winning director Steve James on a documentary about the global food system, will be among notable food experts participating in the 2014 "Food for Tomorrow" conference being organized by _The New York Times_.
"Raj's role as a prominent public intellectual extends the reach of our teaching and research to key opinion leaders in the United States and around the world," says Robert Hutchings, Dean of the LBJ School. "His presence on our faculty greatly strengthens the breadth and depth of the LBJ School's profile in international development studies and indeed of the University as a whole."
Before coming to Austin, Patel co-taught the 2014 Edible Education class at UC Berkeley with Michael Pollan. He was also an IATP Food and Community Fellow from 2011-2013. He has testified …

How to MAXIMIZE Your WEIGHT LOSS with Food Journals

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