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Diet fads give way to nutrition – Jackson Clarion Ledger

Jackson Clarion LedgerDiet fads give way to nutritionJackson Clarion LedgerIn today's health conscious landscape, fad diets are giving way to nutrition-based health plans designed to maximize nutrient absorption while kick-starting the body's natural fat-burning processes. As you're considering diet plans, it's likely that …

Aerobics: Burn Off That Fat Posted By : Paul Menzie (articlesphere)

Aerobics is one of the most common exercise lose weight programs. There are numerous variations and styles of aerobic exercise, but they primarily revolve around the same model, and that is to burn off calories through exercises that focus on the cardiovascular system. There are many benefits about starting an aerobics program for your body. One of the best things about aerobics is that you can use it to burn fat in methods that are easier on your body than dieting.

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