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'Imaginary meal' in a pill could be new dieting aid – Medical News Today

Medical News Today'Imaginary meal' in a pill could be new dieting aidMedical News TodaySome obese individuals struggle to lose weight by following a healthy diet and regular exercise alone, which is why many turn to diet pills for a helping hand. In a new study, researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, CA …Diet pill that makes you feel full proven to keep weight off in mice …The IndependentDiet pill tricks body into burning fat, by making it think you've eatenGizmagImaginary meal pill triggers fat burning by tricking your bodyGeekNewsmax Health -TIME 192 news articles »

Should diet pills be part of your New Year's resolution? (CBS News)

Consumer Reports survey reveals whether Americans are misinformed about the safety and efficacy of weight loss supplements.

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