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Seattle Times food writer explains her city by way of its food – Boston Globe

Boston GlobeSeattle Times food writer explains her city by way of its foodBoston GlobeSEATTLE — To define Seattle at all is a tall order. Right now, we're involved in an expansive, sometimes contentious civic … Seattle's all-cider bar, Capitol Cider, serves all gluten-free food. In this city, some of us make magic: flying machines …and more »

Health Food Buzzwords That Don't Mean Much (fitsugar)

Labels on food packaging can be extremely misleading, and unfortunately, food marketers intend for them to be that way. Thankfully, our friends at Shape have created a list of food-labeling terms that don't carry as much beneficial weight as they are commonly believed to. _
Food marketers love to put healthy-sounding words on packages, so you feel good about picking up their product. But while some buzzwords have weight behind them (for example, a product with the USDA Organic sign has met certain standards), others don't necessarily mean what you might think. Keep your eyes out for these misleading phrases (and don't watch out for these 14 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.).
## "Farm Fresh" Eggs
Egg packages are full of misleading phrases, as this article from NPR on egg jargon points out. "Farm-fresh" and "all-natural" basically mean nothing. While other terms like "hormone-free" or "antibiotic-free" are true, they don't tell you much since it's illegal to give hormones to poultry and the egg industry rarely uses antibiotics. Speaking of eggs, find out Why their Price May Be Going Up Soon.
## Multigrain
More than one grain sounds like a good thing, but this is a …