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Healthy Table: Soup a good fit in award-winning diet – Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free PressHealthy Table: Soup a good fit in award-winning dietDetroit Free PressCalling upon registered dietitians, physicians, and other health experts to evaluate and rank their Best Diets of 2015, U.S. News and World Report weeded through 35 diets to find the cream of the crop. Top-rated plans had to be relatively easy to …

The Clean-Eating Rules to Live By (fitsugar)

While keeping calories in check is necessary, being healthy is built on more than numbers. In order to lose weight and keep it off, eating clean can be the key to your continued success. Instead of feeling like you're on a "forever" diet, committing to the clean-eating lifestyle can help you achieve the results you're after and feel more energized than you could have imagined. Here's how to do it.
## Stop With Processed Food
One of the easiest ways to get started is to replace processed grub with natural, minimally processed ingredients. Not only are these options more nutritious, but their flavors are also more satisfying. The occasional indulgence is absolutely necessary, but cleaning up your daily diet is one of the best moves you can make to ensure consistent weight loss. Opt for natural whole foods with ingredients you can pronounce!
## Eat More Produce
If you're not sure how to snack, always pick up some produce; fresh fruit and veggies will fill you up in a healthy way, and the fiber will keep you fuller, longer. Just like we've got to retrain our taste buds to stop with the salt and sugar, you'll find …

What To Eat To Build Lean Muscle – Part 1: Breakfast

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